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Downtown Design Guidelines


ornament and window guidelines

As described earlier, the upper facades have distinctive proportions, rhythms and patterns which contribute to the historic integrity of the Main Street Historic District. Window openings—especially the shape of the arch (flat, segmental, or half-round)—and brick, cast metal, stone or wood window hoods are significant elements. Some upper facades in Stoughton have projecting oriel windows or corner towers which are embellished with patterned sheathing, like pressed metal siding or fancy cut shingles, and decorative windows with colored or patterned glass. Ornamental cornices and pediments top many of Stoughton’s historic buildings. Pilaster piers at the sides, embellished with stone or terra cotta capitals, enframe the whole.

All of these architectural features contribute to the integrity of Stoughton’s Main Street Historic District. Loss of these architectural features results in the loss of architectural character on Main Street. Removing outdated signs, unused conduit and extraneous mounts that have been added to the facade over the years can enhance it and refocus visual attention to the building’s important architectural features.

Features vary depending upon the architectural style of the individual building. However, many architectural features are common to the majority of Stoughton’s downtown buildings; the drawing above illustrates them.



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