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The Southwest Side Historic District: On-line Walking Tour
W. South Street


401 W. South Street

August E. and Sarah Ovren
August E. Ovren, builder

The eaves of the Italianate style Ovren House are decorated with paired brackets, dentils, and a wide frieze.  The distinctive square tower features a mansard roof with metal cresting.  The Ovren House is one of three very similar designs on W. South Street.  It was built by its original owner, August E. Ovren (1850-?)

Ovren was born in Norway and arrived in Stoughton in 1874. He was a carpenter and carriagemaker, and for a time employed Stoughton builder John J. Holmstad.  Sarah Jenson Ovren (1846-?) was also Norwegian born.


517 W. South Street

R. DeVoll
August E. Ovren, builder

This house, one a number built by August E. Ovren (see 401 W. South Street), has had some exterior changes but the original hipped roof Italianate design is still evident. The cornice is decorated with paired brackets and dentils. At the east side, there is a one story square bay with a mansard roof and tall, narrow windows.


409 W. South Street

George Ainsworth

The Ainsworth House has many splendid Queen Anne details, including a square tower, and stickwork crosspieces in the gable peaks.  The tower has a steeply pitched mansard roof topped with metal cresting. The round (oculus) windows rest under arched eaves.


525 W. South Street

Solon and Francis DeVoll (DeVall)

The handsome windows of this Italianate house have segmental arched lintels at the first story, and pedimented lintels at the second.  The design is otherwise very similar to 401 W. South Street.

Solon Devoll (1823-1894) was born in Windsor County, Vermont.  He purchased 200 acres in Rutland Township and farmed until 1885, when he moved to Stoughton.  He married Francis M. Show, also of Vermont, in 1848.  The DeVollís son James D. (1853-1902) became a Stoughton carriage maker and tobacco dealer.



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