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Downtown Design Guidelines


Store Front


Although many Stoughton Main Street buildings have been in use for over 100 years, the majority of changes made to “update” storefronts and make them look “modern” has occurred since 1950. To preserve the character of Main Street, it is important that the pattern of the traditional storefront (transom, large windows, entry and doors) be maintained or restored.

While considerable discretion in storefront design is required for marketing purposes, there are several concepts which are not appropriate. Mansard roofs, false gables, and shake shingles are not appropriate because they break the traditional pattern of solids and voids by covering up the large storefront opening. Historical themes like “Colonial,” “Chalet,” or “Quaint Cottage” are not appropriate because they do not reflect the dominant architectural features in the district.


Store front guidelines

Stoughton is very fortunate to have been documented with photographs that show in great detail how storefronts looked in the past. Old photographs can be the best source of appropriate ideas for your storefront.

The architectural features of the storefront that will be described in these guidelines are: the Cornice or Lintel; Transom; Spandrel; Shop Windows and Entry Space; Doors; and Awnings and Canopies.


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