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Downtown Design Guidelines


Guideline for Sign Location

Signs should be placed at the top of the storefront; painted on the window itself; hanging over the sidewalk; or on the edge of an awning.

Coordinate the placement of signage on adjacent storefronts to avoid visual confusion.

Avoid large hanging plastic signs and oversized signs;
these are not appropriate to historic buildings.

Any sign placed over features on the second story facade is not appropriate.

Guideline for Lettering and Color

Select clear, simple lettering styles for easy readability. Some lettering styles evoke different time eras; consider the date and style of the building when selecting type faces.

Consider the color of the building and of neighboring buildings when determining sign color.

Select sign colors that provide contrast between letters and background: a dark background with lighter colored letters is most easily perceived by the human eye.

Guideline on Quality

Consider the cost of the sign a business investment, and order the finest quality possible.

Select a sign maker who will provide a quality product. Do not use premade or generic signs.
Signs should reflect an individual business message rather than advertise a nationally-franchised product.

Consider the entire storefront as a business card: the appearance of the building is more subtle than a word sign, but it does convey the image of the business, perhaps even more than the sign itself.


Appropriate design

Sign lettering on vertical flap of fabric awning is visible when awning is extended as well as when it is folded.


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