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25.  508 East Main Street:  Pabst Tavern

This unique two-story cream brick building was constructed between 1898 and 1904. It has a terra cotta Pabst gable. The shallow lancet arch lintel over the windows, the castellated and stepped parapet, and the projections supported by scalloped bracing are indicative of Queen Anne style influence on a Commercial Vernacular building.

In the late nineteenth century, Wisconsin breweries marketed their beer close to home to reduce costs of shipping and losses due to spoilage.  Construction of company-owned taverns in Wisconsin provided a direct market for the Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, Jung, and Gettleman breweries.

26.  Circa 506 East main Street: Garage

This simple automobile-related 20th century commercial building has a brick front and concrete sidewalls, trim and foundation.  Two big show windows and a center door to accommodate automobiles define the three bays of the main elevation. This building is a typical example of early twentieth century commercial vernacular architecture, particularly applicable to automobile related structures.  Built between 1912 and 1926, this garage had a capacity of ten cars.  The building was constructed by Kurt Jensen.  Jensen also constructed the Roe Building (288 East Main Street), which is similar in style to this garage.

This garage also represents the transition the residents of Stoughton had to make from a local economy based on wagon manufacturing to an economy incorporating the growing demand for and use of automobiles.


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