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Downtown Design Guidelines


Storefront Cornice or Lintel


At the top of the storefront and the bottom of the second floor, there is a structural member of steel or wood which supports the upper facade. This lintel can be infilled with brick or can be expressed on the exterior with a decorative cornice. Frequently there was a sign above, on, or below this cornice, or the cornice was incorporated in the signboard.

Guideline for Storefront Cornice or Lintel

If the storefront lintel contains a cornice, every effort should be made to preserve it through repairs and repainting. If the cornice has been removed through changes made to the storefront over time, a horizontal division can be achieved by replacing or simulating the cornice and/or incorporating it in the sign board.

Storefront designs with Colonial or other historical themes are not appropriate in Stoughton.




The glazed panels that fill the space above the shop window and below
the structural lintel are called the transom. In some cases, especially
over the entry door, the transoms were operable to allow air to circulate.
Transoms can be of plate glass or divided into small panes of glass; in
some cases, special prisms were installed to deflect light into the rear of
the store.

Guidelines for Transoms

Remove materials which cover the transom and repair transom glazing and frames.
When the transom is damaged or destroyed, replace with a similar frame and pattern in the same material or an unobtrusive new material.
Do not cover the transom.
Do not infill the transom space
with brick, wood or other materials.
Do not paint the glazed portions of the transom.
Do not over decorate transom
with inappropriate patterns, colored glass or designs.

INAPPROPRIATE DESIGN: Do not infill the transom with brick or wood, or cover it over with signs.



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