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The East Side Historic District: A Walking Tour
E. Main Street


1001 east main street 1001 east main street black and white

1001 Edwin H. Bjoin 1885

Edwin H. Bjoin owned this house between about 1885 and 1902. Susan Leverson was the next owner. It is one of the earliest houses in the district, and one of few Italianate examples. The hipped roof with a deck, delicate single and paired brackets, and windows decorated with carved, pedimented lintels are among its distinctive features.

1001 E. Main St. (background). Photo ca. 1910, taken from the front yard of the John and Hattie Holtan House at 1004 E. Main St. Photo courtesy of Gurina Linnerud.

1004 east main street 1004 east main street detail

John and Hattie Holtan
1896; 191
Framk H. Kemp, architect (1911)

1004 black and white

The present Prairie Style appearance of the Holtan House dates from its 1911 remodeling by well-known Beloit architect Frank H. Kemp. The horizontal emphasis, grouped windows, and large trellis supported by round columns sets it apart from its neighbors. Kemp was the designer of Stoughton City Hall.

John H. Holtan was manager of the Stoughton branch of the American Cigar Company and President of the First National Bank. He also served as Stoughton mayor. A native of Dane County, he grew up on a farm and first became involved in the cigar business in 1891 with his brother Austin. Holtan then joined the American Cigar company. The firm employed over 250 people in Stoughton, and owned a large complex of buildings.

Hattie Belle Severson was a native of Stoughton and the daughter of Sever H. and Gurina Severson (921 E. Main St.). The Holtans had four children. From left, Theodora, Clarise, Gurina, and Harold Holtan about 1912. In 1910, the U. S.census taker recorded eight people in the Holtan household. In addition to the Holtans, cousin Daisy Lewis (28), and a domestic servant named Anna (30) lived here.


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