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The East Side Historic District: A Walking Tour
Franklin Street


125 franklin street

Lena Alme

The design of this American Foursquare Style house relies on simple massing and classical trim including cornice mouldings for its solid appearance. There is a flared hipped roof and flared dormers, broad overhanging eaves, and a porch carried by four columns.

According to Chris Erickson, the current owner, this house was extensively remodeled in the early twentieth century, from an L-shaped house into its present form. The Osgam family resided here for much of the twentieth century.

224 franklin street

Ole and Josephine Simonson

The Simonson's Queen Anne house, like many of its neighbors in the district, has a steeply-pitched hipped roof with projecting gables. One unique feature is the three-story round tower at the northeast corner; it is topped with an onion-domed roof and clad in decorative wood shingles. There is also a small oriel window with a hipped roof on the south side of the house.

Ole Simonson was a carpenter. Born in Norway, he arrived in the United States in 1886. Josephine was a native of Wisconsin. The Simonson family lived here until the 1920s. This was originally a single-family house, and was later a duplex. Current owners Patti and Chuck Cross have lived here since 1986 and have restored it to single-family use.

S. Franklin Street


117 s franklin street


This late Queen Anne Style house has a full porch that wraps around the front bay. Round columns and a spool-and-spindle balustrade complete the design.

George Holtan, his wife Susan, and their three children were the original residents of this house. George, a tobacco dealer, was a brother of John H. Holtan, manager of the Stoughton branch of the American Cigar Company (see 1004 E. Main St.).

Later owners, John and Katie Rue, were retired farmers. They resided here until the 1950s.

201 s franklin street

Lewis Rinde

The Rinde House has been called "the most elaborate and well-preserved of the Queen Anne Style houses in the East Side Historic District. The 1906 City Directory showed Lewis Rinde as a real estate broker. Complex gables and bays, patterned shingles, a classically-decorated tin frieze, and ten original stained glass windows are of note. An upper and lower front porch and a side porch all have Doric columns.

The Rinde property once included the lot at 1021 Park Street, where the Rinde carriage house stood.

Later owners of the property were Mrs. Inger Quale (1911-1920) and Carl Berg (ca. 1920-1950).


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