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The East Park Historic District: On-line Walking Tour
 Park Street


800 park street

Carl & Trena Hoel

This well-conserved bungalow features a hip roof with a shed dormer. The windows have multi-paned upper sash.  Carl Hoel owned a nearby grocery store on E. Main Street. The family included three children: Charlotte, Ruth Ann, and Carl John.

808 park street

Mrs. Ole Simonson

According to tax records, this Bungalow was originally the home of Mrs. Ole Simonson, but by 1930, it was owned by Alvin and Helma Gjertson.  Alvin was the proprietor of an auto repair shop. Helma was born in Norway and emigrated to the United States in 1906.

This was later the home of Walter Eggleson, an insurance agent and local promoter of the Synttende Mai celebration.


Does Stoughton need a park? Ought it to indulge in the luxury in view of its present financial condition?

... at the present time there is not a foot of unappropriated ground within the confines of the city for another to take.  We have 5,000 people, 4,200 of whom are without their chunk of land.  There is none left for them unless we buy a spot, where they may go without special permit or license. Sociability, the opportunity to meet and chat amid pleasant surroundings, to picnic and dine together, are conductive to good citizenship ... In a public park we touch elbows, mix, fraternize and become acquainted.  There we can hold fairs and exhibitions, patriotic doings and civic entertainments; there children may romp and frolic without trespassing upon any manís land, for it will be no manís land, and every manís land.

816 Park Street

John & Marie Johnson

in 1930, John Johnson, at age 59, was employed as a moulder in a wagon factory.  He and his wife Marie were natives of Norway and arrived in the United States in 1906.

John and Marieís daughter Helma was married to Alvin Gjertson, and the couple lived next door at 808.

E. Main and S. Lynn Street (north of Park St.)

The fountain and landscaped center median are new additions to the neighborhood. The fountain was donated in memory of Kathryn Torkelson by her husband Ray and other family members.



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