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The East Park Historic District: On-line Walking Tour
Park Street


700 Park Street

L.O. & Lena Felland

The Fellands were retired from farming when they built this house. Their bungalow features a low-pitched roof, clipped gables and a full-length porch. The garage at rear echos the same roof line.


716 Park Street

Glenn Blakely

The Blakely house was the last built on East Park before World War II. The entry of the compact Dutch Colonial design is flanked by sidelights; the gambrel roof is a hallmark of the style.

Glenn Blakely was a manager for the Brittingham and Hixon Lumber Company.


708 Park Street

Elling & Bertha Gilbertson

The Gilbertson House is an excellent example of a bungalow.  The porch has projecting brick piers with battered wood posts and concrete urns.

Elling was born in Norway in 1852 and emigrated to the United States in 1880.  Bertha was a native of Wisconsin. In 1930, the Gilbertson’s 30-year old son Morris lived here; he was a car salesman.  Elling reported to the census taker that he was employed on a farm.


724 Park Street

Ted Jacobson

Ted Jacobsen was a Stoughton mason, and it is likely that he was the builder of the only brick house erected along East Park.

Jacobsen later ran the popular “Coffee Cup” restaurant on Main Street.


In a discussion of the park question it is well to remember that in a city of our size, and especially located as we are, a park is after all, a luxury -- a desirable luxury.  The larger the place the more desirable does this luxury become, until, amid the sky scrapers and smoke of the really big city, park as “breathing spots” for the congested population have come to be imperative necessities. But our most optimistic dreamer of dreams surely will not delude himself with visions of a metropolitan Stoughton.
Stoughton Courier Hub, June 13, 1913



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