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The East Park Historic District: On-line Walking Tour
S. Lynn Street


08 Lynn Street

“Mrs.” Stoddard
1913 - 14

This bungalow was one of the first houses built in the Turner Park Addition. It may have been the home of Gladys Stoddard, the widow of Valentine, who was a shipping clerk at a wagon shop.


124 Lynn Street

Olaf and Anna Haugen

In 1920 Olaf Haugen listed his occupation as a grocery salesman; ten years later he worked as a painter. Like most of his neighbors, Haugen was born in Norway; Anna was born in Wisconsin to Norwegian parents. By 1920 they had two children: Ingeborg and Olaf, and the household also included another young family, Alfred and Clara Ehle, and five-year old Beulah Gryttenholm.  In 1930, they had another daughter, Marie, and no renters or boarders.

The Haugen house appears to be based on the same plan as 116 S. Lynn St.


116 Lynn Street

Ben and Bertha Gilbertson

Ben Gilbertson was a native of Norway and a Stoughton police officer.  After his retirement, he was employed as the engineer at the East Side Public School.

Gilbertson and his German-born wife had at least three children: Ethel, William, and George.

With its front porch and gabled dormers, the hip-roofed Gilbertson house is similar to many built in Stoughton in the early 20th century.


Haugen house
East Side park sign

Stoughton native Carl Sampson remembers summer concerts in the East Park bandstand in the 1930s. Concerts were held every Wednesday night.  People sat on the grass and also in their cars, and some of the drivers would honk their applause. Ice cream cones were 5 cents.



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