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Downtown Design Guidelines


Note: The following design guidelines have been adapted from Historic Downtown Stoughton Design Guidelines, a book produced by Lynch & Company, LTD., Waukesha, June 1993 for the Commission in 1993. For more information regarding this book as well as others produced by the Commission, see The Commission Publications page.”

Historic Guidelines

A Guide to Renovation and Rehabilitation of Commercial Buildings on Main Street

Design Guidelines

The elements of design and architectural features described on the following pages provide a framework that defines the visual and architectural character of commercial buildings.

Utilizing these objective standards in the design review process will promote the preservation of Stoughton’s fine historic buildings.

❈ Building Width
❈ Expression of Bays
❈ Building Height and Horizontal Bands
❈ Proportion and Window Proportion
❈ Rhythm of Solids and Voids
❈ Tonality: Materials and Color
❈ Roof Forms and Setbacks
❈ Storefront Design
❈ Upper Facades: Ornament & Windows
❈ Signs


Downtown Design Guidelines:  Building Width   Bay Spacing   Height & Bands   Proportion   Solids & Voids   Tonality
  Materials & Color   Roofs & Setbacks   Storefront Design   Lintel & Transom   Shop Windows   Entry   Storefront Doors
  Storefront Awnings   Upper Facades   Cornices & Windows   Upper Windows   Window Hoods   Signs   Sign Location

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