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Residential Design Guidelines



Retain and repair original entry ways, including the door. Where doors must be replaced, they should be of the same size and similar style as the original.

Retain and repair elements of the entry such as sidelights, glazed transoms, and decorative moldings or pilasters.

If new sliding glass doors are installed, they should be placed at the rear of the building, away from the principal facade.

Like windows, the door and entry are important parts of the facade. Alternations can destroy the balance and proportion of the building’s design. Proper insulation of the entry is necessary, and doors should be properly weather stripped.

traditional door styles

Traditional Door Styles Select a door which is compatible with the historic character of the house

door doors

Modern Door Styles Avoid modern styles such as those shown here, as well as “historic” doors intended for new houses.

Transoms and Sidelights
Glazing above and along the sides of the entry adds character and should not be covered over or removed.


transoms and sidelights

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