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Downtown Design Guidelines


100 East Main Street North Elevation
North Elevation


Technology has an impact on building design. The structural system of any architecture is based upon the technological limits of the structural materials: for example, wood timbers can safely span 8 to 12 feet; masonry door and window lintels span 3-4 feet; steel beams can span longer distances.

The structural system used—and the distance it can span—is often expressed in the design of the building facade by the presence of windows. The size of the window is frequently dictated by the size of the bay.

Guideline on the Expression of Bays

The existing expression of bays should be preserved and maintained. Do not modify or cover over the bays with signs or enlarged windows.

In new construction, the bay spacing of buildings in the immediate area should be reflected in the new construction, so that the rhythmic characteristic pattern found along the streetscape is maintained.



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